Functional Materials and Microsystems Research Group

Terahertz and optical photonic devices

Electromagnetic waves at terahertz and optical wavelengths are used for data transfer, imaging and sensing, and transduction to convert electronic signals to photonic processes.

We engineer materials at the nanoscale, with both physical and chemical modifications, to optimise properties for high-efficiency devices.

New photonic devices based on dielectric resonators, utilising ultra-low-loss polymers, and stimuli-driven phase change are realised.

We are proud to be a node organisation of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Transformative Meta-Optical Systems (TMOS).

Representative Publications
Related Patents
  • M. Taha, S. Walia, S. Sriram, and M. Bhaskaran, “Vanadium oxide films and methods of fabricating the same,” Australian Patent Application 2017210601; US Patent Application 15/668,823 (Filed: August 04, 2017).
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